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    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: إدارة النظم, مهن الحاسوب, نظم الحاسب

  مسؤول النظام · المسؤول · مدير النظام · مسؤول · مسؤول النظام

مدير النظام أو مسؤول النظام هو الشخص المسؤول عن حفظ وتشغيل نظام الحاسوب و/أو شبكة حاسوب. Wikipedia

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: 信息技术, 系统管理, 计算机专家

  系统管理员 · 管理员 · 系统管理 · Administrator · sysadmin

系统管理员(System Administrator,简称SA)是负责管理计算机系统的人。 Wikipedia

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负责操作和维护计算机系统和/或网络的人 Wikidata

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: Computer occupations, Computer systems, System administration

  system administrator · administrator · sysadmin · system admin · system administration

A person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution) WordNet

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A system adminヒトtrator, or sysadmin, is a person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems; especially multi-user computers, such as servers. Wikipedia
Person who maintains and operates a computer system and/or network Wikidata
Someone who administers a computer system or computer network and who has special rights and tasks. OmegaWiki
Systems administrator; a person whose job it is to maintain computer or network systems. Wiktionary
One who is responsible for software installation, management, information and maintenance of a computer or network. Wiktionary
The range of activities of a system administrator. Microsoft Terminology
On Windows-based computers, a user account that is a member of the computer’s local Administrators group or a member of a group that is a member of the local Administrators group, such as the Domain Admins group in a Windows domain. This is the first account that is created when you install an operating system on a new workstation, stand-alone server, or member server. By default, this account has the highest level of administrative access to the local computer. Microsoft Terminology
The person responsible for setting up and managing local computers, stand-alone servers, member servers, or domain controllers. An administrator performs such duties as assigning user accounts and passwords, establishing security access levels, watching for unauthorized access, allocating storage space, and helping users with networking problems. Microsoft Terminology

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: Administration système

  Administrateur système · administrateur · administrateur systèmes · Administrateurs système · Administration système

En informatique, le titre d'administrateur systèmes désigne la personne responsable des serveurs d'une organisation. Wikipedia

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Personne responsable des serveurs d''une organisation Wikidata

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: Berufliche Funktion, IT-Beruf, IT-Management, Systemadministration

  Systemadministrator · Administrator · Sysadmin · Administratorin · Sysop

Ein Systemadministrator verwaltet Computersysteme auf der Basis umfassender Zugriffsrechte auf das System. Wikipedia

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Ein IT-Beruf für die Betreuung von Computersystemen und Computernetzwerken Wikipedia (disambiguation)
Person, die ein Computersystem verwaltet Wikidata
Jemand, der ein Computersystem oder Computernetzwerk verwaltet und besondere Rechte und Aufgaben hat. OmegaWiki

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14

  διαχειριστής · διαχειριστής συστήματος

 A person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution) WordNet

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: מקצועות המחשוב, קצרמר מחשבים

  מנהל מערכת · מנהל המערכת

מנהל מערכת הוא בעל מקצוע בתחום המחשוב האחראי על התפעול השוטף של מערכת מחשב או רשת מחשבים. Wikipedia

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14

  sysadmin · व्यवस्थापक · सिस्टम व्यवस्थापक

 A person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution) WordNet

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: Professioni informatiche

  amministratore di sistema · Sistemista · amministrazione del sistema · Administrator · amministratore

In informatica e telecomunicazioni, il sistemista è un tecnico specializzato che si occupa dell'installazione, configurazione, gestione/manutenzione, aggiornamento e monitoraggio di un sistema operativo e più in generale di uno o più sottosistemi di un sistema informatico. Wikipedia

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Persona che gestisce un sistema informatico o rete di computer e che dispone di diritti e compiti speciali. OmegaWiki

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: システム管理, コンピュータ関連の職業

  システムアドミニストレータ · システム管理者 · 管理者 · Administrator · sysadmin

国民評議会(こくみんひょうぎかい、英: National Council)は、一部の国の議会若しくは議院又は政府などの名称。 Wikipedia

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穆王(ぼくおう)は、東アジア世界で王に対して与えられた諡号の一つ。 Wikipedia
システムアドミニストレータ(英語:systems administrator、略称:シスアド)とは、情報システム及びそれらを構成するコンピュータシステムの管理者のことである。 Wikipedia
(企業または機関に関する)通信システムのコンピュータシステムを管理、維持する人 Japanese WordNet

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: Профессии в ИТ, Системное администрирование

  системный администратор · администратор · Системное администрирование · Sysad · адми́н

Систе́мный администра́тор Wikipedia

    •     bn:00075765n     •     NOUN     •     Concept    •     Updated on 2019/07/14     •     Categories: Ocupaciones de la informática, Ocupaciones informáticas, Sistemas informáticos

  administrador de sistemas · administrador del sistema · administrador · administración del sistema · Administrador de sistema

Un Administrador de sistemas es la persona que tiene la responsabilidad de implementar, configurar, mantener, monitorizar, documentar y asegurar el correcto funcionamiento de un sistema informático, o algún aspecto de éste.[1]​ Wikipedia

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Persona que administra un sistema informático o red informática y que tiene derechos especiales y tareas. OmegaWiki


مسؤول النظام, المسؤول, مدير النظام, مسؤول, مسؤول النظام, مُدِير أَنْظِمَة‎, Sysadmin, System administrator, مسؤولي النظام
系统管理员, 管理员, 系统管理, administrator, sysadmin, 系统管理员 系统管理员, 系 统 管 理, 系 统 管 理 员
system administrator, administrator, sysadmin, system admin, system administration, Systems administrator, Administration system, computer administrator, Linux system administration, Sysad, Sysadm, Sysadmin tools, Sysop rights, System administrators, Systems admin, Systems Administration, user administration
administrateur système, administrateur, administrateur systèmes, Administrateurs système, Administration système, Administrateur-système, Administrateur systemes, Administrateurs systèmes, administration de système, Adminsys, Sysadmin, administrateur du système
systemadministrator, administrator, Sysadmin, administratorin, Sysop, System-Administrator, Systemadmin, Systemadministratorin, Systembetreuer, Systemoperator, Systemverwalter, systemverwaltung, netzwerk-administrator, netzwerk-administratorin, netzwerkadmin, netzwerkadministrator, netzwerkverwalter, systemadministration, systemadministratoren
διαχειριστής, διαχειριστής συστήματος, sysadmin, διαχειριστές του συστήματος
מנהל מערכת, מנהל המערכת, sysadmin, מנהל מערכות, מנהלי מערכת
sysadmin, व्यवस्थापक, सिस्टम व्यवस्थापक, तंत्र प्रशासक, सिस्टम प्रशासक, सिस्टम प्रशासन
amministratore di sistema, sistemista, amministrazione del sistema, administrator, amministratore, sysadmin, sistemisti, amministratori di sistema
システムアドミニストレータ, システム管理者, 管理者, administrator, sysadmin, シスアド, システムアドミニストレーター, システム・アドミニストレータ, システム管理
системный администратор, администратор, Системное администрирование, Sysad, адми́н, ИТ-администратор, сисадми́н, Сисадмин, систе́мный администра́тор, администратора
administrador de sistemas, administrador del sistema, administrador, administración del sistema, Administrador de sistema, Administrador de sistemas informáticos, administradores de sistemas


WordNet senses

Japanese WordNet senses


Multilingual Central Repository senses

administrador de sistemas

WOLF senses

administrateur systèmes

Microsoft Terminology senses

المسؤول, مسؤول, مسؤول النظام, مسؤول النظام
Administrator, sysadmin, 管理员, 管理员, 系统管理, 系统管理员, 系统管理, 系统管理员
administrator, sysadmin, system administration, system administrator
administrateur, administrateur système, administration de système
Administrator, SysAdmin, Systemadministrator, Systemverwaltung
Διαχειριστής, διαχειριστής συστήματος
מנהל המערכת, מנהל מערכת
sysadmin, व्यवस्थापक, सिस्टम व्यवस्थापक
Administrator, amministratore, amministratore di sistema, amministrazione del sistema
Administrator, sysadmin, システム管理, システム管理者, 管理者
администратор, системное администрирование, системный администратор
administración del sistema, administrador, administrador del sistema

Translations from Wikipedia sentences

مسؤول النظام, مسؤولي النظام
系 统 管 理, 系 统 管 理 员
administrateur, administrateur système, administrateurs système, administration système
sysadmin, systemadministrator, systemadministratoren
sysadmin, διαχειριστές του συστήματος
sysadmin, מנהל מערכות, מנהל מערכת, מנהלי מערכת
sysadmin, सिस्टम प्रशासक, सिस्टम प्रशासन
amministratore di sistema, amministratori di sistema, amministrazione del sistema
administración del sistema, administrador de sistemas, administrador del sistema, administradores de sistemas

Translations from SemCor sentences or monosemous words

مسؤول النظام
administrateur du système
διαχειριστής συστήματος
מנהל מערכת
तंत्र प्रशासक
amministratore di sistema
системный администратор
administrador del sistema
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7 sources | 15 senses
7 sources | 33 senses
8 sources | 32 senses
8 sources | 35 senses
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3 sources | 7 senses
7 sources | 17 senses
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7 sources | 18 senses
9 sources | 17 senses



Administrator privileges, sysadmin tools

Other forms


server administrator, system, administrative privileges, admin, administration, administrators, administrative, Administrator
administrateurs, administration
Administratoren, System, Operator, Administrators
amministratori, sviluppatori
администрирование, Администрирование, системного администрирования, администрирования